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Family don t matter - Young Thug lyrics

family don t matter - young thug
Lyrics Young Thug - Family don t matter My heart so cold I need a icebox My heart so cold I need a icebox Icebox jewelry I need help, come and rescue me.(family don t matter) Yeah, whaddup I'm tryna put my d*ck inside of your panties, yeah And then I take this shit for granted I been rolling loud, right at

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Imperfection - Evanescence lyrics

imperfection - evanescence
Lyrics Evanescence - Imperfection The more you try to fight it The more you try to hide it The more infected, rejected, you feel alone inside it You know you can't deny it The world's a little more f*cked up everyday.(imperfection) I'm gonna save you from it Together we'll outrun it Just don't give into the fear So many things I would've told you

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Flicker - Niall Horan lyrics

flicker - niall horan
Lyrics Niall Horan - Flicker When you feel your love's been taken When you know there's something missing In the dark, we're barely hangin' on Then you rest your head upon my chest And you feel like there ain't nothing left I'm afraid that what we had is gone.(flicker) Then I think of the start And it echoes a spark And I remember the

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